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Dog lives to 189 years???? What the....!!!!

Bramble the Border Collie was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2002 as the oldest known dog at that time. He passed away in 2003 at the ripe old age of 189 years old!  Ummmm...189?  OK so he wasn't actually born during the War of 1812 but that would have been the human "equivalent" if you assume 7 years for every 1 year the dog lives (189 years makes a much better headline). So really Bramble lived to be 27 years and 211 days old. Which, as most anyone who's ever had a dog will attest, is pretty phenomenal.  He is listed as the 4th longest living dog ever recorded officially.

So why are we talking about the 4th longest living dog and not the first?  Well the interesting thing about Bramble is that he was fed a diet of lentils, rice, and organic vegetables. Yup. Bramble the dog was (gasp) vegan!  A vegan dog you say?  Impossible!  Most people would never dream of feeding their dog a diet of anything that didn't consist of some sort of meat product. But many are now looking at vegan products as a way to feed their pup while being consistent with their own lifestyle and choices. So can dogs survive without meat products?

Well the obvious answer is...obviously!  If Bramble can do it so can other dogs. But aren't dogs strictly carnivores?  Some experts will say that dogs are omnivores. That means they can eat a variety of foods consisting of both plant and animal based sources. Others will say they are scavenging carnivores (these people have obviously walked behind me when I'm out and about with our CTO. Those crazy beagles with their nose to the ground are always "on the hunt" for ANYTHING. Sigh. Beagles...but I digress). A scavenging carnivore simply means that they are naturally carnivores but can sustain themselves on other protein sources. Basically, they eat whatever they can find. I consider the beagle to be more of a garbagevore based on personal experience. Whether you consider a dog to be an omnivore or scavenging carnivores, they basically are quite capable of getting their protein from sources other than animal products. 

So if Bramble can live to be 27 plus years old, is it better to feed your dog a vegan diet?  Well there are many dogs that have lived to be older or close to Bramble's age that ate traditional meat based food products. But what this does show is that a vegan or vegetarian diet is an option for your pup if you are considering it. The younger you start your dog off the better so they can adjust more easily to the change in diet. But as with all changes to your dog's food, you should always consult your veterinarian first. Ask him or her if they know much about vegan foods and if not can they point you in the right direction. You have to ensure that your dog is getting the right amount of protein and mix of nutrients.

We are also very happy to say that our Pumpkin Peanut Barker is both all-natural and contains no animal products. Not only that, a portion of profits from these treats will also be donated to the Beagle Freedom Project. How's that for a vegan win-win!


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