Cut the Cruelty!

Cut the Cruelty!

We are proud to be the June 2018 sponsor for the Rescue+Freedom Project's Cruelty Cutter app!

Over 65,000 dogs are used for research purposes in the US alone. They are mistreated, and used for unnecessary, painful and harmful experiments. And what you may not know is that this is being done for many of the products you are currently using! Cosmetics, detergents, cleaning products, etc. Many top companies still employ these archaic practices. 

RFP has developed an app called Cruelty Cutter that makes knowing which products are cruelty-free and which aren't so much easier. Simply open the app, scan the barcode of the product you are thinking of purchasing, and the app will tell you if it's a cruelty-free product or not. Boom. Done. 

As the June sponsor, we are offering 15% off on our site when you earn 10 Doggie Dollars. Doggie Dollars are earned by using the app. Take action inside the app and earn those Doggie Dollars!

As a company that wholeheartedly supports the Rescue+Freedom Project's mission to end the cruel practice of using animals for research purposes, Brown Hound Pet Co. will also be donating a bed to each new dog adopted by a loving family from one of RFP's rescues. These dogs have had to endure a lifetime of living in a cold hard cage, without love, without sunshine, without fresh air, and without the ability to just be a dog. It's time they had a nice, comfy spot to call their own and we hope our beds give that to them.

Please download the Cruelty Cutter app and start making informed decisions about the products you use. Say no to animal research and #ShopCrueltyFree!

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