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Did you know that many of the top companies still test on animals?

And did you know that many of those animals being tested on are dogs? In fact, there are over 65,000 dogs being tested on in US research labs right now. These animals never get a chance to feel sunlight on their face, or grass under their feet.  They never get to feel safe, happy, or loved. They are kept in cages with the only contact from humans is to have experiments and tests run on them. Many of these are painful or cause long-term and chronic health problems.

And many of these tests are unnecessary and unfortunately most of the animals are euthanized once the lab deems they are no longer needed. Even fairly young dogs are euthanized mostly to not draw attention to the labs use and treatment of these wonderful animals.  

Brown Hound Pet Co. is proud to support the Beagle Freedom Project. For each dog bed purchased, $2 will be donated to R+FP, and $1 from every other item as well.

Beagle Freedom Project

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